Friday, March 23, 2007

Davey D presents: The World

What most of us, especially the readers of this blog, already knew is now officially official: there are actually some really nice crews out there, on the other side of the fence. Of course, I'm preaching to the choir here, but even Davey D says that now. So no more excuses to sleep.

Davey D is quite likely one of the biggest hip-hop journalism and radio legends, and after his last radio station KMEL was bought by the Clear Channel octopus and dropped Dave, he switched to the net (and thank God he did!)

This show from early February celebrates the reunion of artists at the World Social Forum in Nairobi (Kenya), and to do so, Davey plays a bunch of tracks from around the world, all the way from Brazil, Kenya, Lebanon and... *gasp* ... Canada. I happen to own quite a few of the albums these tracks are taken from, so take my word for it: it's worth listening.

To check out the show, read a bit more, and to scroll through the show archive, peep this.

Breakdown FM: Global Beats from around the World pt. 1

Read more by him on one of the oldest hip-hop websites: His own.

Peace, 9@home

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Brzydki, Zły i Szczery

While the regular content is slow to arrive I'll hold fort by introducing you to an artist you should really know about already.

Now I know a lot of you are immediately going to be put off by this but O.S.T.R. is Polish, not as in furniture polish but as in from Poland.

So OK you're not going to understand what he's saying unless you speak the language but given the amount of shite that comes out of the mouths of a lot of MC's at the moment then it's not going to be any less of an enlightening experience than listening to them.

Dude has flows and is a joy to listen to most times despite not knowing what the hell he's actually saying.

I was first introduced to him via one of the few international conversations open to outsiders on (for those who don't frequent the Usenet home of Hip-Hop... Firstly why not? Secondly, talk of international artists (i.e. not ones from the US) tends to be a discussion limited to those in the country of the artists origin, for example Klashnekoff will get UK heads talking but not Yanks...)

Anyway, in this discussion (which I can't be arsed finding but you could do that easily for yourself if you're that interested) a Polish group called P.O.E. (or Projekt Ostry Emade) were introduced to the group to see what our opinions were. Initially my reaction was fairly lukewarm but there was something there which made me keep listening to the tracks put up for us. This led me to finding the album online and from there I've been hooked.

P.O.E. it was later explained to me, were producer Emade and MC O.S.T.R.

Emade caught my ear, especially after more digging for other work by him (of which there is a fair bit but this post isn't about him), but this was negating the fact that O.S.T.R. was a perfect compliment to the music. Think a similar musical connection as Gangstarr when both members are on form.

All reference to O.S.T.R. tends to mention that he is one of the few Polish MC's to have music training (being that he's a qualified violinist) which always makes me wonder how many MC's from anywhere actually have some music training beyond learnt on the job stuff... But anyway.

How being a violinist has actually helped his career I'm yet to really figure out but with 8 albums in the past 6 years he's clearly got a lot of music to unleash on those of us willing to listen.

This is a hard post to really expand on due to you usually being able to wax lyrical about the content of the MC in questions lyrics but I haven't a friggin clue. The English write ups of his career I can find tend to mention he does have 'social commentary' within his flows but you'll have to take their word for it (if it's any reassurance a track on his new album, HollyŁódź, is called 'Daj Mi Prace' (translated to 'Give me a Job', which given the nature of European Hip-Hop does tend to confirm the presence of 'social commentary', well it does to me!)

It's from his new album I shall provide you with something to listen to...

Firstly it's an obligatory Youtube video, this is 'Brother On The Run' featuring the legend Craig G.

Second is the video for the track which really dragged me into the world of Emade and O.S.T.R., 'Wiele Drog'. I honestly doubt I'll ever tire of this track...

O.S.T.R. can be found on myspace at (where you can currently hear his collab with the also slept on Dirty Diggers (a post about them in the near future!))

Emade can be found at

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Monday, March 12, 2007

My whole community gets treated like they criminals...

A bit late, but a roundup of the news last week (and a bit of this week):

Snoop gets busted in Sweden for being under the influence.

Foxy racks up the best part of 5k in traffic violations. DMX would be proud.

the NYPD carrying on persecuting Busta Rhymes for fuck all. Sorry, for being a threat to safety, must be all the oxygen he's using when he breathes.

Alchemist preps his new album.

Rhymefest hooks up with Lil Jon and gives his album one of the worst titles in Hip-Hop history.

And finally, Pulse Report in which Hip-Hop remembers the late, great Notorious B.I.G and a few 'beefs' are cooled.


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Revolution Will Be Podcast...

Forget just wearing your Che t-shirts (and not knowing who the hell he is) and sit down and listen to the voice of the forbidden island...

Unsurprisingly Hip-Hop has infiltrated Cuban society as it has most other societies (YAY! for Hip-Hop!) but no doubt the music from the magical island isn't heard or sought by many people so here's the chance to redeem yourselves...

Click here to get your own player.

To keep up to date with the podcasts or to comment on them go here.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

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Friday, March 09, 2007

10 Years...



Notorious BIG - 50 Grand Demo (7 Min Version)

Notorious BIG - Machine Gun Funk (Primo Remix)

Props to Spine.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Music to go bonkers by (UK)

Here's a good handful of tracks I've come across that I'm really feeling, either because the beats make me wanna bob my head so badly I'm afraid it might fall off, or because the MCs just spit it so tight, but in most cases, it's both.

These just happen to all be from cats in the UK. I think the last year(s) and this one so far have been outstanding as far as hip-hop from the islands is concerned. Doc Brown dropped a lot of good stuff, the Terra Firma camp carpet-bombed us with at least three albums, and a whole lot more goodness came out, most of which I'll have to cover at some later point.

Here they are as individual files, for the picky ones...

Yungun - Dancing Shoes. Off his 2004 album The Essance.

Universal Soldiers - Five Finger Discount. Off Street Veterans, 2001.

Terra Firma - 2006: Rollaball Rhythm. Off last year's The Foundation.

Skuff - No Sleeping. Off The End of the World News, 2006.

Micall Parknsun - So What.
Off The Workingclass Dad, 2006.

Doc Brown - Smash That.
Off Citizen Smith 2 (Nothin to lose), 2006.

Doc Brown - Feel Me. Off The Document, 2005.

And an outright classic:
Son of Noise - Keep it goin ft. so many cats, the file name was getting too long. Off The Mighty Son of Noise, 1992

... and here's the whole lot in one package, for leechers with a life. :)


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Make sure I get my wax on like Daniel san...

Fuck me, maybe Redman still has it:

Redman - Green Lantern Freestyle

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I'm not a businessman, I'm a BUSINESS MAN!

Yeah how many other blogs are going to use the same title, but fuck it.

Jigga sells Rocawear for a cool $204 million.

"Momma ain't raised no fool", aint that the truth.

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What's next, I guess it's for Nas to ether em....

"Hip Hop is Dead" is a good album. No really it is.

Now why would I just make a statement like that for no reason? Well it appears to be fashionable to hate on Nas these days and hate on anything he releases, regardless of quality.

His latest joint has some serious heaters but the fact is that many so called "'heads' made up their mind before the shit was even released...hell probably before the first track was leaked onto the net. The problem Nas has is that he will constantly be judged against "Illmatic", a benchmark set so high that it's rare that any artist in Hip-Hop reaches it. To judge a man on his own standards is fair enough, but to use it to hate on him for the rest of his career is ridiculas.

Nas has certainly dropped some lame shit in the past; "I Am", "Nastradamus" and "God's Son" aren't classic by any stretch of the imagination. However; "It Was Written", "Stillmatic" and "Hip-Hop is Dead" were all solid efforts (and that isn't including the awesome "Lost Tapes"). Yet you constantly get heads proclaiming that Nas hasn't done shit since his debut and that "Hip Hop is Dead" is completely forgettable, both of which are fucking laughable.

The simple fact is most mcs are inconsistent (Doom and Ghostface are exceptions in this modern day).

Jigga is proclaimed to be the best thing since sliced bread by a lot of people but the dude has dropped some horrible pieces of work; "Vol 2" and "Best of Both Worlds" being up there on the same level as Nas's worst. I'm a huge Jigga and yes he is more consistent that Nas, but when he drops a decent album it gets acknowledged.

The Wu Tang Clan (as a group) have dropped one classic album, one very good album and a bunch of mediocre ish. In fact, "The W" was just straight up bad.

Rakim, widely proclaimed by many to be the best ever, hasn't dropped a heater since the EBAR days. "The Master" and "18th Letter" were average at best.

Now I love all the above cats (nh) but even I'm not pretending that they drop classics every time.

So why all the hate directed at Nasir? Maybe shit has to be chopped and screwed before people notice it.

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Who you are don't faze me, my shit still amaze me.....

Just some midweek joints, you seriously cannot front on that Skillz/Freeway joint:

Beanie Sigel - Return of the Bad Guy

Skillz - Don't Act (Ft Freeway)

Timbaland - Piano Man (Ft D.O.E)

Trife Da God - Beefing for Nothing

And some snippets from the new J-Love mixtape:

J-Love - 9mm (Ft Wu Tang Clan) (Remix)

J-Love - Return of Theodore Unit

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Monday, March 05, 2007


"Hip-Hop needs a Public Enemy, KRS-ONE, Bob Marley, etc. more than ever right now, and that is exactly what I intend for EL CHE to be."

High hopes, what's your boy Kanye think?

"After playing my new songs for Kanye, he turned to me and said one thing: "Look, Fest. Your raps are always dope. But, for you this time, the key is going to be finding the musical selection that moves people."

So he thought they were shite then... Oh well, the 2nd album is supposed to be a toughie, never mind there's always the 3rd album... Oh wait you might be getting better beats, that leaves you a problem though...

"Where do I go? Who can give me this magic of melody? DJ Premier? Just Blaze? 9th Wonder? Well, then my telephone rang. My manager, Matt Middleton, informed me that I had an appointment to meet with Crunk Specialist Lil Jon."



I think that can only properly be responded to with...

"He said to me "I make music that makes people wanna fight." And I responded, "That's great. I make music that makes people wanna fight for something." At that moment, a very powerful spirit entered the room, and we both knew that EL CHE was born."

I couldn't make this shit up...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Forget the rest....

Because this remix of "Where are they now?" is stupidly dope:

Props to Notes from a Different Kitchen and Jay Smooth.

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Knocking, no answer, slow dancer, hopeless romancer, dopest flow stanzas....

Once again, we trawl through the world of this thing we call hip-hop so you lazy fuckers don't have to:

New York bans the N-bomb.

Kelis out mans Nas by getting herself busted.

Timbo gets political by hosting a fundraiser for Hilary Clinton.

While Timbo is busy getting his politics on, Scott Storch takes the opportunity to heat up the war between the uber-producers. Fuck that, Storch can be dope but "Lean Back" is the only time he came close to reaching Timbo's level.

And finally, has it's excellent weekly Pulse Report which covers Cam shouting "would someone please five me some fucking attention" at the top of his voice, as let's face it his music isn't going to do it, Storch getting clowned and lots more.

Oh and peep the Common interview over at hiphopDX.


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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The British NWA Radio Edit...

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Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm Everywhere You've Never Been, And Better Than I've Ever Been...

DJ Premier, Rakim, Kanye West, Nas, KRS ONE - Classic

"Peace, Love, Unity, and having fun..."

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