Sunday, March 04, 2007

Knocking, no answer, slow dancer, hopeless romancer, dopest flow stanzas....

Once again, we trawl through the world of this thing we call hip-hop so you lazy fuckers don't have to:

New York bans the N-bomb.

Kelis out mans Nas by getting herself busted.

Timbo gets political by hosting a fundraiser for Hilary Clinton.

While Timbo is busy getting his politics on, Scott Storch takes the opportunity to heat up the war between the uber-producers. Fuck that, Storch can be dope but "Lean Back" is the only time he came close to reaching Timbo's level.

And finally, has it's excellent weekly Pulse Report which covers Cam shouting "would someone please five me some fucking attention" at the top of his voice, as let's face it his music isn't going to do it, Storch getting clowned and lots more.

Oh and peep the Common interview over at hiphopDX.


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