Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"What I gotta do to get in tha game, man??!!"

This is most likely the dopest skit in the universe.

It's off Prince Paul's "Politics of the Business" (what an album!). Not sure which of the voice is which, but it's Bimos and Ryan McKnite on this skit. Whatever his name, the guy doing all the pleading has an ill voice. This shit made me chuckle out loud yesterday when I was in town, surrounded by people.

My favourite line is definitely the last one about Cee-Lo and grits...

Enjoy, 9@home

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time for a violin break...

Vid nicked from MC Mercury's myspace.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Diggin'

Gutter Snypes - Trials Of Life

Released on Liberty Grooves, this EP is a classic slab of UK nicety. Admittedly Cel One might not sound entirely British (from Leicester I think) but this track is one of the best Hip Hop tracks in existence.

The story went (at the time of release) that the EP had been pressed in the US, therefore justifying it's cost against other cheaper UK releases. How true that is I'm not sure. Apparently they released it on different colours as well, I've only ever seen in person the blue and black versions (I have the blue - hat doff to Everton.) No differences in the track listings (on blue and black and I don't think they're any different on the red or white pressings) so it would be purely for completist reasons to seek all the colours rather than extra tracks.

This little snippet from discogs says otherwise...

Liberty Grooves released the Gutter Snypes records over 6 different release each in different colours and in ltd amounts:

The Green Version - was Ltd to 500 Units and was released first, and only contains 'Radio edits'.
The White Version - was Ltd to less Than 40 Units and this was the Promo release.
The Black release was the normal pressed version.
The Red Version - Was Ltd to 500 Units.
The Blue Version - Was Ltd to 500 Units.
The Clear Version - Was Ltd to 500 Units and only contained Instrumental Version's.

Useless fact: Prime Cuts provides the cuts on the EP.

For some reason Divshare goes spazzy when playing it back. It does playback at normal speed if you download though.

Jehst - Stand Up

A promo-only release. As you'll probably guess from the title it's a freestyle over the Ludacris 'Stand Up' beat.

To be honest it sounds like Will phoned it in but it's one for the Jehst groupies to grab.

Gunshot - Lockdown

From the 10" of Mind Of A Razor.

Not quite in the same tempo range as the usual Gunshot from this period but it ties in well with the sentiments of Trials of Life so it's being tagged onto this post.

Beat wise, White Child Rix does superb as usual and major props to the lads for rhyming over it as it's not the easiest to get your tongue round.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Swiss Beats pt. II: PVP


From the capital of Berne come these four MCs who go by the name of PVP (Pute Vierge Productions, Virgin Slut Productions). Since they are part of a greater collective called Chlyklass (Special Ed class), they don't need their own DJ or producer but work with different ones from their crew or other places. Having made a name for themselves with their tongue-in-cheek sometimes chauvinist, always intelligent and outspoken opinions from politics to their own roles in hip-hop, and for being one of the most productive and far-travelled crews in the country, they've quickly got to sit on top of the scene. Especially the projects where their head Greis has worked with South African rappers as well as with Tanzanian or American groups make him and his whole crew the ambassadors of Swiss hip-hop, as it were. It's pretty safe to say that Chlyklass has owned the scene for the last few years.
And since Greis grew up in the French part and also speaks pretty decent English, he manages to reach out to an international audience. His second solo album should drop any moment.

PVP - Fründ und Find ft. Goldstein (Friend and Foe)
A joint on which Greis makes a mock guest-appearance as Goldstein to drop a verse in English. It's all about how the system could care less if you're protesting against it, as long as you live within it, and that PVP, too, just might be part of the system. Who knows?

PVP - Gängsterhymne (Gangster anthem)
Wonderfully self-ironic verses about how the gangsta attitude doesn't quite work out over here. "That piano is dope."

PVP - 1Line ft. Aman (of Tafs)
Taking Aman on board, this is one to just let loose and flow the fuck out of this ridiculous beat. Cheah.

PVP - Ei Stei an di Stadt ft. Kalmoo (of TNN)
The last track on the album. A slow jam reminiscing with a dope scratched hook about the old school times i.e. childhood, and who better to tell of those days than Kalmoo from the city of Basel (my home) who even I remember being amongst those first few to get up on stage and kick it back in the early 90s. He's been a bit slackish recently, but when he does get his wits together, he's dope.

Download all four tracks (divshare has its moments...)

The album...

More stuff by Greis and his affiliates...


Peace, 9@home

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Swiss Beats pt. 1: Sens Unik

Wasteland was getting fed up with my French posts, so I'll just start repping some crews from Switzerland which you should get familiar with.

Sens Unik

The Swiss hip-hop scene was more advanced in the French-speaking part around Geneva and Lausanne, what with the influence from our Parisian and Marseillais fellas (d'oh, here I go again with my French hip-hop...).
The first full-length Swiss hip-hop album I held in my hands with sheer disbelief was Sens Unik's "Le VIème Sens" (The Sixth Sense), which was still a bit rough around the edges but basically sparked the whole thing and gave kids all across the place the courage to try it as well... This is by far the one which has aged best. It has Mr. Mike on the hook, who used to have the dopest hip-hop radio show on Radio Couleur 3. I still have tapes of these shows. Apart from that he used to rap over house beats, which was about as advanced anyone got those days.

Sens Unik - To the Moon ft. Mr. Mike

A year later, on their second album, MC Carlos hooks up with Osez, who would be the second MC for a few years, to tell an upbeat story about their childhoods as an "hijo de latino". (Carlos' parents are Spanish and Osez' Uruguayan.)

Sens Unik - Hijo de Latino ft. Osez

Years later, with their fourth album, Sens Unik decided to do most of their new record in New York, and even though the beats were still and always have been courtesy of their own Just One, I think I can sense a darker, grimier feel to them.
This joint features Rockin Squat of France's Assassin and two New Yorkers, Pretty Boy Floyd and Snake Eyes. Not sure who they are, but they certainly added that dirty cough-and-wheeze atmosphere to the track, as it was custom back in 96.

Sens Unik - Don't Break Me Down ft. Rockin Squat, Pretty Boy Floyd, Snake Eyes

Download all three tracks (or if divshare craps out again)

More here...

Peace, 9@home

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Mad Monkey Them A FEAR!

Nmonic - Transitions

This is my favourite track off one of the forgotten Y'n'R releases. Produced by Jehst. Jehst made a vocal appearance on 'The Bodyclock' from the same EP.

Admittedly Nmonic isn't the best MC ever but the EP is quite solid throughout. Jehst completists should have a copy given that he handles most of the production.

Rough Element - Reflex Reaction

Some more Britcore... This is one of only 2 12"s that Rough Element released (as far as I can tell anyway) and is produced by White Child Rix (that name emblazoned on the sleeve was the sole reason I bought it.)

Thankfully it's not crap, the quality of the beat isn't quite up to the standards set by (or as high tempo as) early Gunshot but still, it's White Child Rix and it's a decent track.

Outcast - Terrible

In the late 90's Silver Bullet tried to make a come back, there was a name change 'Silvah Bullet' (yeah shockingly original wasn't it?) and a couple of singles. His first comeback was this track and it's probably the best thing he released during his failed mini-comeback. 'Chemissinyadiss' made a little bit of noise when it was released but then I was only reading HHC at the time so it probably seemed more popular than it actually was...

Plenty more to come when I can be arsed...

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