Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daily Show

One of my favourite shows on TV ever.
Jon Stewart and his team have a way of putting the finger exactly where it hurts. And on top of that, their "fake news show" is a lot less fake than what we get served as "the real news".

Too bad we mainland Europeans can't catch that on a daily basis, as the name suggests. ComedyCentral Germany (which I do get) is a dubbed piece of shit, plus it doesn't air The Daily Show at all. Our only chance to catch it on the telly is the weekly international edition on CNN, which is a sort of "best of the week" show. So I have to resort to stamp-sized screens on the net. But anyhow...

Here are two of the most recent pieces. One where they gauge the problems Canada is facing with Mexican immigrants (and the problems they bring seem to go so much without saying, the interviewees can't really say anything about those problems...).

And then Jon meets Bolivia's President Evo Morales. Morales is a former coca farmer and at the same time the first indigenous Bolivian to make it that far up the ladder. And what Morales has achieved in Bolivia makes the US look real shite. ;)

Cost of Freedom: Canada

Evo Morales:

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