Monday, August 06, 2007

Swiss Beats pt. II: PVP


From the capital of Berne come these four MCs who go by the name of PVP (Pute Vierge Productions, Virgin Slut Productions). Since they are part of a greater collective called Chlyklass (Special Ed class), they don't need their own DJ or producer but work with different ones from their crew or other places. Having made a name for themselves with their tongue-in-cheek sometimes chauvinist, always intelligent and outspoken opinions from politics to their own roles in hip-hop, and for being one of the most productive and far-travelled crews in the country, they've quickly got to sit on top of the scene. Especially the projects where their head Greis has worked with South African rappers as well as with Tanzanian or American groups make him and his whole crew the ambassadors of Swiss hip-hop, as it were. It's pretty safe to say that Chlyklass has owned the scene for the last few years.
And since Greis grew up in the French part and also speaks pretty decent English, he manages to reach out to an international audience. His second solo album should drop any moment.

PVP - Fründ und Find ft. Goldstein (Friend and Foe)
A joint on which Greis makes a mock guest-appearance as Goldstein to drop a verse in English. It's all about how the system could care less if you're protesting against it, as long as you live within it, and that PVP, too, just might be part of the system. Who knows?

PVP - Gängsterhymne (Gangster anthem)
Wonderfully self-ironic verses about how the gangsta attitude doesn't quite work out over here. "That piano is dope."

PVP - 1Line ft. Aman (of Tafs)
Taking Aman on board, this is one to just let loose and flow the fuck out of this ridiculous beat. Cheah.

PVP - Ei Stei an di Stadt ft. Kalmoo (of TNN)
The last track on the album. A slow jam reminiscing with a dope scratched hook about the old school times i.e. childhood, and who better to tell of those days than Kalmoo from the city of Basel (my home) who even I remember being amongst those first few to get up on stage and kick it back in the early 90s. He's been a bit slackish recently, but when he does get his wits together, he's dope.

Download all four tracks (divshare has its moments...)

The album...

More stuff by Greis and his affiliates...

Peace, 9@home

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