Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hocus Pocus

I happened to stumble upon this first video below, and not knowing what I was gonna see, I checked it out. I'd never heard of 20syl (say: vuhn-seel) or of his group Hocus Pocus. To be honest, I hadn't even heard of any crews from their city of Nantes, on the French westcoast. But this guy's got me hooked (no pun) and I guess I'm now officially on Hocus Pocus nuts.

20syl is not just the crew's producer, but he also deejays in the DJ collective C2C (DMC World Champions 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006), oh, and he emcees as well, just to prove everyone else a fucking idiot... ;)
First check out how he makes a beat. (I haven't figured out if they later used it somewhere.)
And then there's some more from the Hocus Pocus empire... how I could sleep on these cats I don't know.

20syl making a beat (Goddayum!)

20Syl from Hocus Pocus Crew
Uploaded by TripTuc

Hocus Pocus ft. The Procussions - Hip Hop

Hocus Pocus & Procussions - Hip Hop
Uploaded by Drine

Hocus Pocus - Keep it movin II

Hocus Pocus keep it movin II
Uploaded by hocuspocus

And now C2C (DMC World Champions)...

C2C - DMC World champions
Uploaded by mr20syl

Hocus Pocus has been compared to the Roots because they too are a real band, besides the MC/producer/DJ and their DJ. But style-wise, Hocus Pocus are on some more subtle notes (and a bit less pretentious than the Roots...) The latest album right now is a 2006 re-edition of their 2005 album called "73 touches" (73 keys) referring to the keys of a hammond organ. Anyway, their album is the most beautiful piece of music I've heard in a while, not just of those coming out of France, mind you. And here it comes... Their brandnew album is scheduled to drop like right now... At the end of May it should be out...
Also out around the middle of 2007 should be a C2C album which is bound to send bedroom DJs off crying and hiding in mummy's lap.

Nuff said. Brace yourselves...

Some more?

Hocus Pocus media section

C2C media section

Peace, 9@home

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