Monday, August 06, 2007

Swiss Beats pt. 1: Sens Unik

Wasteland was getting fed up with my French posts, so I'll just start repping some crews from Switzerland which you should get familiar with.

Sens Unik

The Swiss hip-hop scene was more advanced in the French-speaking part around Geneva and Lausanne, what with the influence from our Parisian and Marseillais fellas (d'oh, here I go again with my French hip-hop...).
The first full-length Swiss hip-hop album I held in my hands with sheer disbelief was Sens Unik's "Le VIème Sens" (The Sixth Sense), which was still a bit rough around the edges but basically sparked the whole thing and gave kids all across the place the courage to try it as well... This is by far the one which has aged best. It has Mr. Mike on the hook, who used to have the dopest hip-hop radio show on Radio Couleur 3. I still have tapes of these shows. Apart from that he used to rap over house beats, which was about as advanced anyone got those days.

Sens Unik - To the Moon ft. Mr. Mike

A year later, on their second album, MC Carlos hooks up with Osez, who would be the second MC for a few years, to tell an upbeat story about their childhoods as an "hijo de latino". (Carlos' parents are Spanish and Osez' Uruguayan.)

Sens Unik - Hijo de Latino ft. Osez

Years later, with their fourth album, Sens Unik decided to do most of their new record in New York, and even though the beats were still and always have been courtesy of their own Just One, I think I can sense a darker, grimier feel to them.
This joint features Rockin Squat of France's Assassin and two New Yorkers, Pretty Boy Floyd and Snake Eyes. Not sure who they are, but they certainly added that dirty cough-and-wheeze atmosphere to the track, as it was custom back in 96.

Sens Unik - Don't Break Me Down ft. Rockin Squat, Pretty Boy Floyd, Snake Eyes

Download all three tracks (or if divshare craps out again)

More here...

Peace, 9@home

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