Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bits & Bobbins...

A mixed bag this time...

5one6 - Rap Attack (Feat Big Kin & Boog Knight)

The best thing about this 12" is the production, which is pretty generic NY '94 sounding but that's not always a negative. Kinda reminds me of DITC but it's produced by someone called Erick Romero, who I'm guessing is either an extremely secret member of DITC or just some no name producer who's one shot was this 12"... Don't expect quality MC'ing because it's pretty uninspiring throughout and this is the only track out of the 3 on the 12" where I don't get the urge to murder 5one6 for being shite.

Well I've sold that to you haven't I? Should you wish to get murderous feelings vinylism has the 12" to buy for princely price of 20 Euros, you'd be better sticking them up your arse but then again you might want the instrumentals.

Barry Blue - Cancel 'Em Out

Gunshot fans should know both the name and this 12" if not... Why not? At the time of release Bazza was an occasional guest on Gunshot tracks and obviously had dreams of a solo career, unfortunately it didn't pay off for him. This is a pretty solid 12" from him, featuring another track "Soundcheck", both produced by White Child Rix and engineered by the one and only No Sleep Nigel.

Blacka Don - Clipper

Released on Funki Dreads this a homage to a lighter... You've got to love it. Flipping the "Insane In The Brain" beat to great effect. There's 3 different mixes of the track on the 12", hard to tell what the difference is to them to be honest.

Kaliphz - Tru Skool M-Bassadaz

Pete Tong made a big deal about 'discovering' the Kaliphz, we all wondered why he didn't just leave them where he found them. This was their debut release, they later went on to record a track with 'Prince' Naseem Hamed. Sadly they are actually from the UK, not that you'll be able to tell through all their gimmicky vocals. I'm guessing they took YBT's "Tap The Bottle" a little too literally. This is about as good as they got but for some reason they seemed to have something of a loyal following so maybe you'll like this.

Main One - Bring The Drama (Feat. Chino XL) (Nick Wiz Mix)

The keen eared amongst you will recognise the Chino verse almost immediately, this 12" was from 1998 and (at least in release dates) predates "The Anthem". Sadly the track as a whole isn't as good as The Anthem...

After giving you some bobbins in this post I'm going to finish strong...

New Flesh 4 Old - This Is The Space Age

This was the debut release by New Flesh, on their own 'New Flesh Music Operations' label. On one of my regular trips to Depth Charge in York there were stickers for this on almost every pedestrian crossing and lamp post all the way up to the shop, there was no way I wasn't going to buy it purely so I could find out why the hell they'd gone to so much effort. I'm glad I did because it's DOPE! Part 2's verse is probably in my top ten "shit but dope coz it's shit" verses of all time.

More to come and I'll stay away from the shite as much as possible...

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