Friday, August 03, 2007

Mad Monkey Them A FEAR!

Nmonic - Transitions

This is my favourite track off one of the forgotten Y'n'R releases. Produced by Jehst. Jehst made a vocal appearance on 'The Bodyclock' from the same EP.

Admittedly Nmonic isn't the best MC ever but the EP is quite solid throughout. Jehst completists should have a copy given that he handles most of the production.

Rough Element - Reflex Reaction

Some more Britcore... This is one of only 2 12"s that Rough Element released (as far as I can tell anyway) and is produced by White Child Rix (that name emblazoned on the sleeve was the sole reason I bought it.)

Thankfully it's not crap, the quality of the beat isn't quite up to the standards set by (or as high tempo as) early Gunshot but still, it's White Child Rix and it's a decent track.

Outcast - Terrible

In the late 90's Silver Bullet tried to make a come back, there was a name change 'Silvah Bullet' (yeah shockingly original wasn't it?) and a couple of singles. His first comeback was this track and it's probably the best thing he released during his failed mini-comeback. 'Chemissinyadiss' made a little bit of noise when it was released but then I was only reading HHC at the time so it probably seemed more popular than it actually was...

Plenty more to come when I can be arsed...

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