Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just a big hole with nothin' in the middle, Her ugly ass titties had a rat hangin' and chewin' off of each nipple

Large Vagina
It appears we have a few visitors a day coming here for pictures of small penises... You'll find the pic here leave a comment, there's never anything people would rather talk about than dick size - look at all the references in popular culture before posting a prudish response...

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' has proved that it's all relative anyway...

Guru, who may or may not have a small penis (or large vagina), is set to release the 4th installment of Jazzmatazz.

Personally I think the last one got unfairly hated on in a similar fashion to Guru's entire career appears to be these days...

Anyway if you're not on the hate Guru bandwagon here's a couple of tracks from the new one (with 'bonus' promo drops!)

'State Of Clarity' - Feat. Common & Bob James
'Stand Up' - Feat. Damian Marley

Remember the El Michaels Affair? You know the ones who brought us the 'live' instrumental Wu-Tang tracks?


Well they've teamed up with Raekwon to reproduce 'The PJ's' and I like it...

The PJ's
Cream (For those that missed it.)

In a similar vein to 'Cream' and the rest of the Shaolin Series, there have been a few other live instrumental versions of Hip Hop tracks produced in the last year...

Marc Mac (of 4Hero fame) brought us the 'Dirty Old Hip-Hop' album, with 'The World Is Yours' and 'Runnin' both being superb and then there was 'Can You Flow? Instrumental Renditions of Nas's Illmatic' from which I liked 'NY State Of Mind' and 'One Love'... Anyway it's a nice trend and long may it continue (well, until it gets boring anyway.)


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