Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's next, I guess it's for Nas to ether em....

"Hip Hop is Dead" is a good album. No really it is.

Now why would I just make a statement like that for no reason? Well it appears to be fashionable to hate on Nas these days and hate on anything he releases, regardless of quality.

His latest joint has some serious heaters but the fact is that many so called "'heads' made up their mind before the shit was even released...hell probably before the first track was leaked onto the net. The problem Nas has is that he will constantly be judged against "Illmatic", a benchmark set so high that it's rare that any artist in Hip-Hop reaches it. To judge a man on his own standards is fair enough, but to use it to hate on him for the rest of his career is ridiculas.

Nas has certainly dropped some lame shit in the past; "I Am", "Nastradamus" and "God's Son" aren't classic by any stretch of the imagination. However; "It Was Written", "Stillmatic" and "Hip-Hop is Dead" were all solid efforts (and that isn't including the awesome "Lost Tapes"). Yet you constantly get heads proclaiming that Nas hasn't done shit since his debut and that "Hip Hop is Dead" is completely forgettable, both of which are fucking laughable.

The simple fact is most mcs are inconsistent (Doom and Ghostface are exceptions in this modern day).

Jigga is proclaimed to be the best thing since sliced bread by a lot of people but the dude has dropped some horrible pieces of work; "Vol 2" and "Best of Both Worlds" being up there on the same level as Nas's worst. I'm a huge Jigga and yes he is more consistent that Nas, but when he drops a decent album it gets acknowledged.

The Wu Tang Clan (as a group) have dropped one classic album, one very good album and a bunch of mediocre ish. In fact, "The W" was just straight up bad.

Rakim, widely proclaimed by many to be the best ever, hasn't dropped a heater since the EBAR days. "The Master" and "18th Letter" were average at best.

Now I love all the above cats (nh) but even I'm not pretending that they drop classics every time.

So why all the hate directed at Nasir? Maybe shit has to be chopped and screwed before people notice it.

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