Monday, March 05, 2007


"Hip-Hop needs a Public Enemy, KRS-ONE, Bob Marley, etc. more than ever right now, and that is exactly what I intend for EL CHE to be."

High hopes, what's your boy Kanye think?

"After playing my new songs for Kanye, he turned to me and said one thing: "Look, Fest. Your raps are always dope. But, for you this time, the key is going to be finding the musical selection that moves people."

So he thought they were shite then... Oh well, the 2nd album is supposed to be a toughie, never mind there's always the 3rd album... Oh wait you might be getting better beats, that leaves you a problem though...

"Where do I go? Who can give me this magic of melody? DJ Premier? Just Blaze? 9th Wonder? Well, then my telephone rang. My manager, Matt Middleton, informed me that I had an appointment to meet with Crunk Specialist Lil Jon."



I think that can only properly be responded to with...

"He said to me "I make music that makes people wanna fight." And I responded, "That's great. I make music that makes people wanna fight for something." At that moment, a very powerful spirit entered the room, and we both knew that EL CHE was born."

I couldn't make this shit up...


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