Thursday, March 08, 2007

Music to go bonkers by (UK)

Here's a good handful of tracks I've come across that I'm really feeling, either because the beats make me wanna bob my head so badly I'm afraid it might fall off, or because the MCs just spit it so tight, but in most cases, it's both.

These just happen to all be from cats in the UK. I think the last year(s) and this one so far have been outstanding as far as hip-hop from the islands is concerned. Doc Brown dropped a lot of good stuff, the Terra Firma camp carpet-bombed us with at least three albums, and a whole lot more goodness came out, most of which I'll have to cover at some later point.

Here they are as individual files, for the picky ones...

Yungun - Dancing Shoes. Off his 2004 album The Essance.

Universal Soldiers - Five Finger Discount. Off Street Veterans, 2001.

Terra Firma - 2006: Rollaball Rhythm. Off last year's The Foundation.

Skuff - No Sleeping. Off The End of the World News, 2006.

Micall Parknsun - So What.
Off The Workingclass Dad, 2006.

Doc Brown - Smash That.
Off Citizen Smith 2 (Nothin to lose), 2006.

Doc Brown - Feel Me. Off The Document, 2005.

And an outright classic:
Son of Noise - Keep it goin ft. so many cats, the file name was getting too long. Off The Mighty Son of Noise, 1992

... and here's the whole lot in one package, for leechers with a life. :)


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