Friday, April 14, 2006

This Is The News...

Everyone will have heard about Proof being stupid and getting himself killed. Feel free to leave the obligatory "Proof was a legend" type shite in the comments of the previous post.

Thug Life Army Blog is crying "Don't blame Hip Hop for Proofs death!"... We're not, we're saying he's a dick for getting into a no doubt stupid argument, pulling a gun, being the first one to fire a gun and still being the only fucker dead.

The argument was over some 'King Of Detroit' bullshit... Again, Proof was a dick who got himself killed over some bullshit.

R.I.P. he was a legend and all that other required stuff when someone dies regardless of it's truth.

In more mindless thuggery news, The Source is getting sued again. It's over the 'shoot-out' last July. Personally I couldn't care less if they made the Source an openly gay magazine as a 'punishment' or whatever they want to do with it but it appears some heads still give a shit about that magazine.

An unlikely source of Hip Hop news is Aljazeera... Apparently 'New hip-hop lingo sweeping London'. They prove that they're in touch with the times with such statements but just to prove their reliabilty they cite the Ali G Show as one of the major factors in this 'new' lanaguage... Stupid fucknuggets...

"The Post 9/11 Blues" seems to be getting some press at the moment, with people getting their skiddy pants in a twist over it.

You can hear the track over at Riz's myspace page. It's pretty good, mainly because it's honest.

Another thing of interest on his myspace page is this video for the 'Spin The Mic' battle. The main thing to watch for with this is the fact that every round Riz is in, his race gets mentioned negatively. Stop the hating!

It also features Respek-BA, which is always a good thing in my opinion.

Hilltop Hoods have apparently gone to number one in the Australian album charts and gone gold in the process. Well done lads! In case you're unaware, Suspect Packages has a store specialising in Oz Hip Hop in a bid to help it reach a global audience.

And finally... Tribe are performing at Bumbershoot 2006. If any of you kind readers would like to provide some free tickets, return plane tickets to and from the UK and hotel accomodation for said event it would be much appreciated. If not I'll just have to get myself there somehow...

Oh yeah and you may all want to wish fairwell to Kwaj the tool. He's no longer on the PPP list of contributors.

Any complaints about this please add to the comments.

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