Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You can bet they know Preem...

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This might sound strange coming from a hardcore hip-hop head, but the news that Dj Premier is working with Christina Aguilera doesn't make me want to hurl furniture at the walls.

All I can say is props to Primo. After so many years of being the dopest producer hip-hop has seen (according to me), he deserves to ride the proverbial cash cow that is pop music.

I can only hope that it gets him his form back in terms of hip-hop as it's been a minute since I heard something by Primo that made me hit the rewind button.

Now that Gangstarr have parted ways I was hoping the sort of beats Guru would normally get to rhyme over would be passed to Nas, Jigga, AZ, Cormega, Ghost etc. No such luck.

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