Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hold me down, hand me my cake, dusty, bake, activate, Fuck your corny debates

Just a little something different in order to get you more hyped about one of the albums everyone should be checking for this year...

J Love & Ghostface - Hidden Darts III

01 - Intro
02 - Hidden Darts
03 - Family Affair Feat. Raekwon, Trife, Cappadonna And Sungod
04 - The Champ
05 - Charlie Brown
06 - Starks & Chef Feat. Raekwon
07 - Be Easy
08 - Like That Rmx Feat. Ne-Yo
09 - Back In The Air Feat Ol Dirty Bastard
10 - Kilo Feat. Raekwon
11 - Struggle
12 - Hidden Darts Rmx
13 - Fire Rmx Feat. Trife And J-Love
14 - Come On Feat. Cormega
15 - Late Night Arrival Feat. Trife & Wigs
16 - Going Strong Feat. Trife
17 - 3 Bricks Feat. Raekwon And Notorious B.I.G.
18 - Black Cream
19 - Hot 97
20 - Cocaine Trafficking Feat. Trife
21 - Pass The Mic Feat. Trife, Cappadonna And Wigs
22 - Run 4 Cover Feat. Method Man, Redman And Street Life
23 - Missing Watch Feat. Raekwon
24 - Abduction Feat. Rza, Gza, Inspectah Deck And Masta Killa
25 - Out The Way Feat. Wigs
26 - Strawberries And Cream Feat. Inspectah Deck And Rza
27 - Babies Feat. Gza And Raekwon
28 - Lost Chamber feat. Method Man

This isn't really a mixtape... Although in the modern sense it probably is. The mixing is at a bare minimum and there's plenty of shouty bits to make sure you know J-Love is involved, let's just put it that way.

Despite that this is one to pop in your portable media device (no corporate branding) and just bask in the Wu/Starks goodness that's expelled from your headphones.

DJ Green Lantern & Ghostface - Internet Invasion

01 - DJ Green Lantern & Ghostface - Internet Invasion (Intro)
02 - Ghostface - Survivor Freestyle
03 - Ghostface feat. Busta Rhymes - Blow His Head Off
04 - Ghostface - Bounce 2 Tha Projects
05 - Ghostface feat. Raekwon - Kilo
06 - Ghostface - Theodore Unit (Green Lantern Mix)
07 - Ghostface - Catch A Body
08 - Ne-Yo feat. Ghostface - Get Down Like That
09 - Ghostface feat. Keyshia Cole - Walk Away
10 - Ghostface feat. Ne-Yo - Back Like That
11 - DJ Green Lantern & Ghostface - Internet Invasion (Outro)

OK this starts with Ghost freestyling over the 'Deep Cover' beat... You can't ask for much more than that can you?

This is an official promo tool for 'Fishscale' so you know it's only the good shit.

Ghost shows and proves why he's considered one of the greatest MC's in Hip-Hop but sadly this also has Green Lantern making sure everyone knows he has something to do with it (i.e. he's on the "I'm an annoying DJ who feels the need to shout all over tracks in an act of shameless self-promotion" tip.)

The 'Theodore Unit' remix is a blend over 'Touch The Sky' which despite it's brevity makes you wonder why Just Blaze let Big Head have that beat because a decent MC really could have done it more justice.

Add this to the same playlist as the 'Hidden Darts III' and the wait for 'Fishscale' will seem shorter...

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