Friday, March 24, 2006

Bring em out, bring em out.....

A roundup of the news to save you lazy fuckers a trip around cyberspace:

R.I.P Dj Swing, who died from Bone Marrow cancer this week. It's safe to say that Swing is a legend in these parts and our thoughts go to his family and friends. has their weekly pulse report out which features the possibility of Jacko working with Fiddy, and Jin stirring up some hype.

David Mays and Benzino's inevitble downfall continues after a court decided that the new owners can sell Mays' shares.

Suge Knight is close to having his assets siezed as he's in the hole for a cool $107m from apparently swindling half of Death Row from Lydia Harris.

Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff is close to the last mile it seems. Looks like Fiddy will be able to walk the streets soon again.

Little Brother don't want no a literal sense.

The Black Eyed Peas give a little bit back to hip-hop heads by recruiting Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff, Large Pro and a Mr. Premier for their upcoming remix EP. I have to admit, this could be fucking dope.


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