Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm out for presidents to represent me...

So the streets are buzzing, the internet is buzzing, no doubt New Jersey and New York are buzzing, and well hip hop is buzzing.

In case you've been hiding under a rock, shit is buzzing because what everyone predicted would happen; happened. Last night at his "I Declare War" concert, Jay Z was joined on stage by the one and only Nasir Jones. Now I'm not going to insult you and tell you why this is a big deal.

So now everyone is buzzing, what could it all mean? Is Nas signing to Def Jam? Is he joining El Presidente Carter for an all out war against the powerhouse that is G-Unit? Are they prepping an album together? Did they do it to just get people talking? All of these?

Well it's pretty obvious that what most people are hoping. For years now heads have been talking about what an album featuring two of hip-hop's finest over the last ten years would sounds like. Since B.I.G died heads love to talk about a dream pairing between New York's finest, well now those people must have soiled themselves. So I want to break down how it would be if they did finally record an album together.

Firstly, it would be a disappointment. Not necessarily because the music would be wack, but purely because after this much anticipation and hype it will always be a letdown. Now that's out of the way, let's think about this properly.

Jigga and Nas over the years have developed their own styles, styles which are quite different. Back in 96 when Jay dropped "Reasonable Doubt", this shit would have been amazing. Jay's style and Nas' style were similar enough yet different enough to make it work. They both could rock the fuck out of a Primo beat and shit was on fire. Then gradually Jigga defined himself as the ultimate crossover rapper. He became known for rocking Timberland beats, and then later Neptunes, Blaze and Kanye beats. He left that East Coast sound behind and established himself as the king of hip-hop and a king of picking dope beats. Nas on the other hand took his style and tried to do the same thing as he has always done (despite trying new shit every now and then), but suffered from a terrible taste in beats. So over the years they have carved out their own niche in hip hop to the point where they might not even sound right together on the same track. I'm not saying they won't, but it won't be as natural as it would have been a decade ago.

Possibly the most important thing about this project would be the choice of producer(s). I don't want to put too much emphasis on this, but it could make the difference between it being wack or being an all time classic. Word on the street is that Kanye has been in talks to produce an entire album for Hova & Nas. Now I'm a big fan of Kanye's board work and have the utmost respect for his production. However he's the wrong man for the job. If this was to happen it can only happen one way, take shit back to the nineties. I'm talking Primo son, I'm talking Pete Rock, and I’m talking Large Pro. Yeah there is room for a Kanye beat or a Blaze beat, but shit has to have that sound. Just sit back and imagine Jigga and Nas over Kanye, Blaze, Neptunes and Timbo. Now imagine them over Primo, Pete Rock and Large Pro beats? Yep, that's that classic ish right there.

Either way, the fact that after all that went on, they can share a stage and perform "Dead Presidents" makes you love hip-hop and what it's all about. Shit, this should make every hip-hop head feel warm and fuzzy.

At the end of the day, Jigga will sound a shitload better over those beats than Nas would over Kanye, Blaze etc. For what it's worth; "We Major" sucked. I have no idea how heads are claiming it's one of this years best tracks, shit was boring.

Who wants to bet we see a "We Major" remix in a couple of weeks with jigga jumping on and dropping a verse....


Damn, this review surely will make every hip-hop fan feel all warm and fuzzy. Seriously, I might have to watch "Fade to Black" tonight because this man is going to be a legend. This shit is the kind of stuff we'll be talking about in twenty years. Pure Dopeness.


So what can I drop for this post? I had to hit you with something because that's how we roll:

Threat is Like (Blend)

From the "Carry the Cross" mixtape.

Nas - Dead Prezidence

Yep, Nas over the beat for "Dead Presidents", from the Nas & Statik Selektah mixtape; "The Prophecy".

Nas - 1 plus 1 (Ft Large Pro) (unreleased)
This one is a bonus. Also from the Statik Selektah mixtape.

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