Thursday, October 20, 2005

It doesn't make any sense.....

You know one thing I've realised is that every hip hop fan likes an mc they shouldn't. By that I mean they like an mc where you can't honestly say "they're a dope mc because...”.

For me that mc is B Real. Yep that nasal whiny sounding muthafucka, I'm a big fan of his. When I first heard "Cypress Hill" I didn't like his voice, but I fucking loved the album. Then gradually I started listening to more Cypress, but it was mainly for Muggs; as he is one of my favourite producers.

It was only this year I really got into B Real (no homo). I was listening to "Temples of Boom" one night (underrated album but that's another post for another day) and I realised this man is dope. I don't know what it is, his voice should annoy me and he's not amazing lyrically, but I think he's fucking dope. His flow is nice as hell so maybe that is it, but I honestly couldn't say. This year I've been in the frame of mind where if I see he's on a track I have to check for it that minute.

By the way; he has been killing nearly everything he has been on this year so I'm going to carry on jocking him for just a minute. As an aside, I haven't been feeling an entire album By Cypress since "Temples of Boom".

The point of this post? B Real is dope so fuck you :-) I think that sums it up nicely.

Now my favourite bit, I could have upped half of "Cypress Hill" or "Temples of Boom" but instead:

Dj Quik - Fandango (Ft B Real)
This is straight up one of my favourite joints this year. If you can tell me B real doesn't kill this, then....well you're wrong.

Warren G - Get You Down (Ft B Real)
Completely different track, but again B Real comes off nice. Which is surprising considering the type of track it is.

B Real, Coolio, Method Man, Busta Rhymes & LL Cool J - Hit Em High

One you might not have heard in a while, IIRC it's from the Space Jam OST.

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