Wednesday, February 14, 2007


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Now ordinarily lyrical beef is generally good for the game. Shit, some of the nicest rhymes sometimes come out when an mc has his back against the wall (nh). Recently however, this competitive edge has disappeared and a much more superficial, solely sales generating beef has taken its place.

Now I'm neither a Cam'ron fan nor a big Fifty fan (although I greatly admire how quickly he's built an empire) but this 'beef' is going to get one mention by me and then it's done.

Say what you want but recently Cam'ron has stank of desperation. No matter how you look at it, he's been calling out anyone and everyone. Of course, Fiddy has done much the same for about two years now but you never get the feeling his motivation is purely to save his career. This latest 'Curtisss' stunt is just laughable, the bitch needs to either make some decent music or shut the fuck up. Nobody is going to buy his shit based on the fact that he makes staged calls to industry leaders. Yeah I said it, I might not be a big Fiddy fan but you can't fault his position in the industry in terms of influence, sales and power. Cam's attempt to get at Jay was bad but at least it cames after years of bubbling under the surface.

Taken from "Jay-Z bodied, Nasir bodied, Mase bodied, Curtis bodied," Cam'ron told DJ Kay Slay in a recent radio interview after his diss song hit airwaves.

If anyone can point me to where he 'bodied' either Jigga, Nas or even Fiddy then please point me in the right direction because so far he's just been embaressing.

Despite all this, I'm a hypocrite because that 'Curtisss!' shit made me laugh the first time I head it, ah fuck it.

Peep it:

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